Who We Are

Dedicated to the ocean's well-being

We’re more than just a boat chartering service. LYNX Adventures was founded in 2021 with a strong commitment to supporting marine conservation efforts through various projects and campaigns. Our own vessel, LYNX, is at the forefront of our mission, along with our boat building services and merchandise & souvenirs featuring LYNX. But that’s not all – every dollar we earn is reinvested into our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives, making a positive impact on the ocean and its inhabitants.

The story behind the Founder

TH Chow

Founder / Captain

Growing up as an orphan, I felt like a lost soul until I stumbled upon the ocean, a magical playground that’s free for all to enjoy, especially for someone like me who once felt like they didn’t belong anywhere. It welcomed me with open arms and gave me the courage and strength I needed to keep going. The ocean is my constant companion, and Mother Nature’s embrace with the ocean’s splendor always lifts me up when I feel down. Today, as the proud owner of Lynx, allowing me to explore the beauty and mystery of the sea.

Despite this, my journey is not solely for personal gain, but to repay the ocean for all it has given me. My goal is to inspire more people to cherish and protect the ocean’s splendor, as it could fulfill someone’s dream and change their life.

The ocean’s strength and inspiration helped me pursue my passions and make a difference despite growing up as an orphan. If I can do it, so can you. With determination and belief in yourself, anything is possible.

Nature’s priceless gem, the boundless ocean, is gifted to all for treasure and exploration. Let’s protect its might and magic, or risk losing it forever. By preserving this wonder, we can inspire generations to come.

Nature Offers a fresh start when all else fails.

TH Chow, The Founder

Our Mission

Our mission is to operate as a socially responsible organization by promoting marine conservation through responsible business practices. We strive to inspire and encourage a passion for positive change and create a world where marine life thrives and the beauty of our oceans is preserved for generations to come.

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